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Focus Medica delivers innovative visual products in digital media that simplify the understanding of health and medical concepts.

Technology in Education

Technology has necessitated transformation in education making it essential to provide the tools needed to enhance teaching, learning and support student-centered learning environments.

Focus Medica’s offering of innovative products is the perfect digital solution for anyone looking for an easier, powerful, and most effective way to master the complex world of health and medical concepts.


Our Products

Digital Anatomy Atlas

This most comprehensive Animated Anatomy Atlas, with over 24 hours of animated videos and an exhaustive array of illustrations, provides a multimedia approach to learning. This concise regional anatomy atlas of the human body is a digital resection of various dissections ideally suited for medical, dental, nursing, physiotherapy, lab technology, and other allied health sciences students.

3D animation videos of important applied aspects with clinical perspectives are included.

Anatomy & Physiology
Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology is an important area of study for any student of health and medical sciences. Our experienced editors have carefully crafted concise … 

Medical Atlases
Medical Atlases

The Animated Medical Atlas series is a collection of authenticated Animation videos on major fields of medicine. Each Animated Atlases elucidate chronic illnesses, diseases, therapies…

Anatomy & Physiology
Medical Dictionaries

The Focus Animated Dictionaries are the world’s first-ever audiovisual dictionaries that provide definitions of medical terms with the aid of realistic animated videos…

Medical Atlases
Overview series

Overview Series / Understanding Diseases: explain various disease conditions, drug interactions, and procedures through powerful animations. Have published …


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Focus Medica’s ready modules are appropriate for Medical, Nursing and Health Science Subjects.


With the traditional print world adapting to the electronic media, the logical step forward is the audio-visual medium. Focus Medica understands the complexities of electronic media in this digital age and has the in-depth knowledge and expertise to conceptualise, create and develop visual media catering to various needs of the healthcare professionals.

Patient education - Animated video

Custom videos to educate patients on a medical condition, management of the condition, or medical procedures through easy-to-understand animated videos. Can develop animated videos for a wide range of medical specialties compatible with all the platforms and mobile devices.

Mechanisms of Action -Animated video

Custom animated videos explaining the mechanism of a drug at the molecular level. A quick and easy tool to communicate complex topics like drug delivery technology, drug efficacy & safety, drug-drug reactions, and new therapeutical techniques. MOA videos a must for any brand microsite in this digital era.

Animated Abstract video

Extend the scope and visibility of the research by creating an animated abstract. An animated abstract will help summarise the essential discoveries/key findings of the authors’ published research or review article.