Upper limb

This volume is the anatomy of the upper limb commonly known as hand. It describes the distinct parts of the upper limb with details of each layer and description of the blood supply and drainage of the lymphatic system.

Table of content

  1. Surface landmarks and dermatomes
  2. Sternoclavicular joint and clavicle
  3. Shoulder joint, scapula and humerus
  4. Elbow joint, radius and ulna
  5. Articulated hand
  6. Pectoral region - Pectoralis major, minor, clavipectoral fascia, deltoid
  7. Axilla - Boundaries and contents
  8. Front of arm- Boundaries and contents
  9. Back of arm- Boundaries and contents
  10. Front of forearm
  11. Palm
  12. Back of forearm
  13. Dorsum of hand
  14. Blood supply and lymphatic drainage of upper limb