Pelvis and Perineum

Pelvis and Perineum describes the anatomy of male and female explicitly with the pelvis and the perineum explained as two main sections. They are further divided into subsections describing the anatomy which consists of vessels and nerves, the organs and tissues of the region as well as the surface landmarks and dermatomes in detail in the form of animated videos.

Table of content

  1. Articulated Bony pelvis - Male and female
  2. Pelvic viscera Male
  3. Pelvic viscera Male - Sagittal section
  4. Pelvic viscera female
  5. Pelvic viscera female - Sagittal section
  6. Pelvic diaphragm
  7. Vessels and nerves of pelvis
  8. Rectum, anal canal and ischiorectal fossa
  9. Surface landmarks and dermatomes - Male and female
  10. Superficial perineal pouch - Boundaries and contents - Male
  11. Superficial perineal pouch - Boundaries and contents - Female
  12. Deep perineal pouch (urogenital diaphragm)
  13. Male urethra with prostate
  14. Penis
  15. Scrotum and contents - Testis, epididymis, spermatic cord
  16. Vagina and female urethra