Lower limb

In Head and Neck - Neck, the anterior view, lateral view, posterior view, the root of the neck as well as the midsagittal section and the parasagittal sections of the neck are explained extensively as separate chapters. The functioning of the lymphatic system of the head and anatomy of the viscera of the neck are also demonstrated.

Table of content

  1. Surface landmarks and dermatomes
  2. Hip joint and femur
  3. Knee joint, tibia and fibula
  4. Ankle joint and articulated foot
  5. Front of thigh, inc femoral triangle
  6. Medial compartment of the thigh
  7. Gluteal region and back of thigh
  8. Popliteal fossa and back of leg
  9. Front of leg and dorsum of foot
  10. Sole
  11. Blood supply and lymphatic drainage of the lower limb