HIV, a retrovirus, is the causative organism of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) that develops during later stages of HIV infection. HIV destroys immune cells and disables the immune system against other diseases, infections, and cancers. Study of structure and pathogenesis of HIV, clinical manifestations, diagnosis and treatment arouses interest when teaching is assisted by a comprehensive reference source with graphical representations.

The FOCUS Animated Pocket Dictionary of HIV, the first ever animated dictionary in the subject, fills that void quite effectively. A must-have resource for physicians and students who would greatly benefit from this module, it covers 100 HIV & AIDS related terms and definitions.

All the definitions have been graphically described with the help of 3D animations and are accompanied by text definitions. This free app has 5 Videos, to see the complete list please 'buy' and download to play independent of the internet.


Animated Pocket Dictionary of HIV & AIDS

Tags: Infectious Diseases