The anatomy of the abdomen consists of the digestive system and the renal system. The anterior and posterior abdominal wall is described in detail. The blood supply, nerves, lymphatic drainage of the abdomen is explained.

Table of contents

    1. Surface landmarks and dermatomes - Male and female

    2. Anterior abdominal wall - Muscles, nerves and vessels

    3. Inguinal canal anatomy

    4. Posterior abdominal wall and diaphragm

    5. Stomach and spleen

    6. Duodenum and pancreas

    7. Jejunum and ileum

    8. Colon

    9. Liver - Surfaces, relations, segmental anatomy

    10. Extra hepatic biliary apparatus

    11. Kidneys, ureters and suprarenals

    12. Disposition of the peritoneum

    13. Abdominal aorta and branches

    14. IVC and tributaries

    15. Nerves of the abdomen, abdominal autonomics

    16. Lymphatic drainage of the abdomen