Visual media is particularly well suited to the visual science of medicine. Health information has never been so easily understandable or more accessible. Focus Medica a subsidiary of Panther Publishers, committed to simplifying medicine through the use of visual media has become synonymous with creating innovative Medical and Health Animations.
At Focus Medica, we have the knowledge, expertise and support of internationally reputed opinion leaders to translate print into visual media with the right creative platforms. Our collection of IPs include unique Health Animations and Printed Content with exceptional images and illustrations.
  • Discover Human Anatomy and Physiology in the first ever Animated Atlas!
  • Understand Chronic Illness and Diseases, Therapies, Procedures or Techniques through incredible animation videos accompanied by audio.
  • Effortlessly perceive and understand the cellular world, metabolism, and body functions on a virtual tour of the human system through high-end animations.







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